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Hireko Quick Shaft Fitting Guide

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Dynamic Shaft Fitting IndexWhy Use the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index?
Because Flex Designations Are Not Standardized In The Industry!
It’s the hidden truth in the golf shaft industry... not all shaft flexes are labeled equally. Why? Different vendors produce specs based different testing methods. In testing approximately 4000 different golf shafts over the years, we have found that there is great variance flex designations (L, A, R, S or X flex). It is common to see flex overlap from shaft-to- shaft, manufacturer-to manufacturer within the same manufacturer’s own line of golf shafts in order to create unique designs. In some cases we have seen L-flex shafts stiff as some extra-stiff shafts!

Get True Apples-to-Apples Comparison with DSFI
The Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index (DSFI) helps clubmakers and consumers alike select the right golf club shaft based on a standardized method. It is the result of an on-going testing project dating back to 1989. It was the first study of its kind to truly compare industrywide the relative stiffness of one golf shaft to another using set standardized testing method. The DSFI was conducted to allow and consumers to truly compare shafts apples-to-apples.

What is the Golf Shaft Science Behind DSFI?
The data is taken, not from the raw uncut shaft, but in its completed assembled form based upon the recommended tip trimming length the manufacturer intended the shaft to be used. Some of the parameters our R&D department tests for are the frequency common method of determining stiffness), torque (resistance to twisting) and tip and butt deflection (to show stiffness distribution along the length of the shaft). After each shaft is tested, the data is put into a complex algorithm to put a number on the relative stiffness of each shaft to reflect the bending and twisting the golf shaft goes through in a swing. The index number is then expanded form a range to which customers can compare their swing speed (and their swing tempo) to provide a list of possible best golf shafts suited to their individual needs. This guide is based on those values to serve as a quick guide to all the shafts we offer.

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