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The Best Kept Secret in Golf is Now Available at Hireko!

Boccieri Secret Golf Grips
Hireko is proud to announce that we have added the entire line of Secret Grips (made by Boccieri Golf) to our already extensive product line, proving once again we want to be your one stop source for all your component needs. 

Boccieri Secret Golf Grip 17 gram counterweightAll Secret Grips have one thing in common that sets them apart from all other grips in golf. So what is the Secret? Psst…I am going to let you in on something that can benefit a whole lot of players and that is counterweighting grips.  This is the process of adding weight to the very end of the grip.  The purpose is to shift the balance point of the club closer to the hands and it can aid in promoting a more inside-out swing plane and ridding a player from slicing or pushing the ball.  In other cases I have witnessed golfers increasing their swing speed because they got their timing down and optimized the release of the club later in the swing. Each Secret Grip contains a 17 gram tungsten weight visible from the butt end.  Here is a cross-sectional view to see it better. Yes, we sell 16 gram counterweights (close enough to 17 grams) in the Tour Lock Pro as well as steel counterweights that get installed prior to putting into the grip, but that is only part of the secret to these lines of grips. Boccieri Secret Golf Grip Features

Original Secret Swing Grips
Last year the golf world was introduced to the original Secret grip, but now there is a family with 4 different colors (Black, Red, White and Blue).    One of the first things you may notice when you hold the original Secret Grip is the extended length; one full inch longer than a traditional grip.  This is done so the player can choke or grip down on the club to achieve better control.  There are 3 small indexing marks on the grip so you or your customers can remember where to place their hands each time out. By making the grip 1” longer the grip is slightly heavier aside from the 17 gram tungsten weight.  There are two other features we have yet to mention. The grip has less taper under the bottom part of the grip.  We spoke about the benefits of reduced tapered grips a little over a month ago which you can