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Softspikes, the first and foremost name in golf cleat technology and innovation, were invented in 1993 when a winter metal spike "ban" campaign was endorsed by several U.S. State Golf Associations. Wanting to offer golfers an alternative to tennis shoes, Softspikes co-founder Faris McMullin experimented with various "plug" designs to replace metal spikes. The eventual design, a plastic, fan-like spiral design, became the industry's first and only patented non-metal cleat. Little did he know at the time that this design would revolutionize the golf industry and change the game forever.

Softspikes have gone on to become one of the most popular golf "inventions" of the 20th century. Offering better traction, more comfort and improved playing surfaces, there is no question as to why Softspikes are the number 1 choice of golfers worldwide.

Softspikes Golf Cleats -   The Number 1 Cleat in Golf!

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