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The #1 Shaft On Tour, Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Now Available At Hireko Golf!

Dynamic Gold Tour Issue, Get the Tour Van Experience

First a sweep in Hawaii and now the first leg of the West Coast swing, for the first three weeks of the 2014 PGA Tour season, the winners has entrusted True Temper’s Dynamic Gold iron shafts.  That is not surprising as the Dynamic Gold golf shaft has to be by far and away the #1 played and winning iron and wedge shaft ever. As you get an opportunity to peruse our website and 2014 catalog, you will notice a new addition to the Dynamic Gold family called the Tour Issue.

Dynamic Gold Tour IssueUnderstanding manufacturing tolerances
Before we talk about the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue, we must first talk about a particular topic – manufacturing tolerances. These exist with any steel shaft, with weight being a very important factor.   For instance, if you have two of the exact same steel golf shaft and measure the flex, the heavier one will almost always be the stiffer of the two.  This is due to the walls being thicker along the entire length of the shaft and a providing a greater resistance to deflection or bending. The greater the difference between weight and it will exhibit a greater discrepancy in stiffness.  Also, if the weights are all over the place, not only will this establish inconsistency throughout the set, but this can create flex overlap or a situation where stiff flex may be more flexible than regular flex.

In 1982, True Temper Golf decided to do something to improve the consistency of shafts and subsequently golf clubs being made. They decided to weight-sort their shafts to narrow ranges of weight.  For example, there would be no single S-flex, but an S100, S200, S300, S400 and S500.  The S300 sub-flex would be the middle of the road stiff flex. The S200 would be a little lighter than the S300 and the S100 even lighter and most flexible.  On the other end of the spectrum, S400 was slightly heavier than the S300 and S500 the heaviest and stiffest of all.  As manufacturing tolerances became better over the years, the S100 and S500 were all but eliminated.

When the customer purchased Dynamic Gold in the sub-flex of their choosing, this ensured the manufacturing tolerances would be much tighter.  True Temper charged a premium for the service to the point the standard Dynamic shaft was phased out in 2008 as better golfers didn’t bat an eye paying the small amount more for better quality shaft.

What is different about the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Shafts?
To put this all in perspective, commercial grade steel shafts have tolerances no closer than a +/- 5 gram range.  These are the least expensive steel shafts and ones you would see installed by volume clubmakers. The step up from that would be in +/- 3.5g range.  These would be described as first quality or shafts that do not go through strict QC checks such as weight or frequency sorting like TT Lite or Multi-Step Lite.  With Dynamic Gold, the weight tolerances are more like +/- 1.7g between sub-flexes.  Now enter the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue. There are weight-sorted to an unbelievable +/- 0.5g tolerance or basically the absence of tolerance altogether where any tighter and there is no additional benefit.

During the 2012 Ryder Cup, Limited Edition versions of Dynamic Gold Tour Issue was released with the Team USA or Team Europe logo on the shafts.  Today the general public will now be offered the same level of preciseness allocated for tour players.  These will be available in S400 and X100 flexes in sets of 3-PW with extra 2-irons and wedge shafts in 0.355” taper tip.