The New Acer XK Flipper: A Whole New Product Category

Acer XK FlipperI love to tinker with golf clubs as well as find solutions to problems people might have.  The past several years I haven’t been able to play as much golf as I would like (who does?) and my golf scores showed it.  When I looked back at my rounds and studied the statistics, I found that a lot of strokes were wasted around the green.  That is whenever I missed a green in regulation I was still two putting because my recovery shots where not getting close enough to the hole.  Sound like your game?

Do you use a chipper?

This year I put a chipper in my bag.  Yes, I said it – a chipper – that is how desperate I was.  But it wasn’t an ordinary chipper it was our Acer XK Chipper, which many of you (or your customers) have found very useful based on the number of 5 star independent reviews.  I played with the XK Chipper for a good portion of the summer and while it might have shaved a stroke here and there it didn’t address the main problem I had.  You see most chippers are lower lofted like a 7 or 8 iron and designed to be used when there is ample room for the for the ball to land and release toward the hole.

Where to use the Acer XK Flipper

Acer XK Flipper and ChipperHowever, that wasn’t my problem as the course I play has postage stamp greens and the shot in the bag I couldn’t pull off was when the ball landed in the rough or fringe on the short side of the green.  A conventional chipper wouldn’t allow the ball to land softly enough and it would race past the hole.  Plus the wedges, whether is was a pitch, gap, sand or even lob I could never seem to get the touch down due to lack of play as well as practice.  One time I am skulling the ball over the green and the next time is chili dipping.  There had to be a reasonable solution besides quitting my day job and practicing for hours on end.

The idea of a higher lofted chipper

I thought if I could help myself, then I could help others who would have similar problems.  I needed a club designed for less than a full shot that would get up in the air and then stop on a dime.  Oh yeah, it needed to be hit from a variety of lies and easy to align without opening up the face.  Hmm…the clubs I was looking for was already in my bag, but just needed additional loft.  That is how the idea for the 46° Acer XK Flipper came about.  Just think of a cross between a flop shot and a chipper for that little fly and die shot.

After giving the technical diagrams and the specs to the foundry, a few months later the first working prototype arrived.  I can tell you it didn’t take long to get the shaft cut, epoxy poured and grip installed before I headed off to the course to get it a try.  I can honestly say out of the hundreds of clubs I have put in play the past couple of years, this club made an immediate impact. It is shorter and heavier than a wedge requiring less effort to get the ball out of where it lies and it is more upright allowing you to get more on top of your line. Sadly the golfing season is over for me now.  But starting next year I will have a renewed sense of confidence and won’t have the fear of missing greens and wasting valuable strokes as I have in the recent past.

Welcome world, we would like to introduce to you the innovative Acer XK Flipper, which is not just another ordinary chipper on the market.  It is a whole new product category.

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Buy the Acer XK Flipper here!   Buy the Acer XK Chipper here!