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The New Apollo Adjustable Putter Shaft Is The Perfect Clubfitting Solution!

Short. Belly. Long. Now you can choose your putter length anytime, anywhere with the new Apollo Adjustable Putter Shaft!

Apollo adjustable putter shaft
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Every professional club fitter should have something in their shop to address putter length. The new Apollo Adjustable Putter shaft is the perfect solution. It ranges from 32-38″ and is the companion piece to the Apollo Adjustable Belly / Long putter (38-52″) shaft introduced last year to help fit or put a putter into play that is precisely the length a golfer needs. Set it up in any putter head that requires a straight, 0.370″ parallel tip shaft and within minutes can be accurately fitting your customers. To get the most out of the Apollo Adjustable shaft for conventional length putters, please make sure to read the instructions to calibrate the lengths silkscreened onto the shaft. These are included when you receive the shaft along with a special wrench to make the easy-to-follow adjustments. For recreational golfers who don’t post for a handicap, it can be used for everyday play, especially those unsure of what length they need. No more excuses to poor putting by having the wrong sized flatstick in your bag.

View the videoblog on the new Apollo Adjustable Putter Shaft below!

> Click here to buy the new Apollo Adjustable Shaft

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