What are the Adjustable Weight Screws for in the Acer XV Golf Club Series?

The screws in the Acer XV Golf Club Series are engineered for golf ball launch angle, reduction of spin (for added distance!) and custom golf club weighting.

IAcer XV Series with weight screwf you noticed the new Acer XV golf club series (Drivers, Thriver Mini, fairways and hybrids) you will see an adjustable golf club weight screw on the sole in what we call the “gravity port”. The purpose of the screw is two-fold. One is to concentrate weight in a specific area of the head. For instance, on the Acer XV Golf Drivers and Acer XV Golf Thriver Mini the screw is located in the rear portion of the sole to help launch the golf ball higher, while on the higher-lofted Acer XV fairways and Acer XV hybrid the gravity port is more forward to reduce golf ball spin and trajectory for added distance.

The other reason a screw exists on these heads is for custom golf club weighting and may be the most important. This allows for varying the swingweight when customizing to different lengths, shaft and grip weights as there are two optional weights that can be used to either increase or decrease the head weight to optimize performance

Acer XV Series screw position
Should I use the stock screw or change?

Following is a diagram to show how to loosen/remove or install/tight the adjustable golf screw from the head. A wrench is provided with the purchase of each head just in case you want to substitute the screw. The diagram will also help you decide whether or not the stock screw or one of the optional screws will be necessary.
 Acer XV Series screw configuration guide