What is Maraging Steel?

The buzzword “Maraging Steel” has been bandied in the golf equipment world for many years. But what exactly does Maraging Steel mean and how does it pertain to golf clubs? Jeff Summitt separates the fact from the fiction.

A number of name brand golf manufacturing are currently using maraging steel in their premium performing golf clubs lines. These will have specific names such as Carpenter 455 or 465 steel just to name a few. Carpenter Steel is a leading international manufacturer of specialty alloys and the trade name, just like Clorox, Kleenex or Xerox is to their family of products. Chinese steel companies where the vast majority of golf clubs are produced, make their own equivalents of maraging steel, but use slightly different chemical compositions. This provides similar performance at slightly less cost.

Maraging steel golf clubThe purpose of utilizing thin maraging steel face inserts allow the face to flex to produce a high coefficient of restitution or rebound effect, just like the use of titanium in modern drivers as a way to increase the ball velocity coming off the face. In addition, there is a considerable weight savings that allows the golf club designer to place more weight elsewhere in the head to improve launch angles and reduce spin rates. Maraging steel is used in lieu of titanium because it is easily bonded (welded) to a stainless frame in fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

Maraging steels are considered a high-performance material and being used in more and more name brand manufacturers clubs to increase performance but priced accordingly. A maraging face is comes at a premium price to any single fairway, hybrid or iron over the same design with a normal stainless face. Example of a marging steel golf clubs from Hireko is the Juggernaut Max fairway woods and the Orlimar TriMetal hybrid clubs. See first hand how material advances can help you increase your distance and accuracy.


angled sole and face view of the Juggernaut Max fairway wood
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