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    Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Driver - Clubhead
    Model: TM13652B

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Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Driver (RH) - Clubhead
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New 2014 Power Play Juggernaut Driver Featured In Golf Digest Stix Ezine!Power Play Juggernaut Driver in Golf Digest Stix Enewsletter

In the March 5, 2014 issue of Golf Digest Stix Ezine, the Power Play Juggernaut Driver was featured. Hireko Golf Technical Director Jeff Summitt commented to Golf Digest Equipment Editor Mike Stachura, "The Juggernaut is strictly for those four out of five people who really don't care about the rules. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Hireko's no. 1 selling driver this year." Click here to view the original Golf Digest Stix Ezine with the Power Play Juggernaut Driver.

What's all the buzz about the Power Play Juggernaut Driver? First, the Juggernaut has a 515 cc volume, thus allowing it to be a more forgiving head on off-center shots. Secondly, you’ll be able to generate more distance from the tee as the COR effect of the ball coming off of the explosive beta titanium face exceeds the USGA maximum limits too. Does not conform to the Rules of Golf

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    Questions on Power Play Juggernaut Titanium Driver - Clubhead

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    • From john d at 12/31/15 10:52 PM
      • what is the bulge and roll on the juggernaut driver head?
      • John,

        The spec is 11" x 11".
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    • From Bart Venza at 3/19/15 9:56 AM
      • Is your Juggernaut Titanium Driver an actual Titanium Clubhead or is it a Ti-Alloy Clubhead?
      • Bart,

        This is an actual titanium driver.
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    • From Ronald Joseph at 1/18/15 8:37 AM
      • I would like to make a longer driver, do you sell a specific shaft for that???
        I would like to make it 47 or 48 inches long.
        My swing speed is about 90 to 100 mph.

      • Ronald,

        Even if the shaft is 46", untrimmed it will end up just slightly more than 47.5". If you want a longer club without adding an extender, then you would want to look for an individual flex shaft with a raw length of 47" or more and lightweight like a Graman G55 or G60 and SK Fiber Wraith or Pure Energy.
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    • From Steve at 7/31/14 11:43 AM
      • You have answered that this club is presently only available for right hand golfs but are there any plans to make a left hand model or are we lefties going to be "left" out in the cold just like most other company's with new products?
      • Steve,

        That still hasn't been decided yet. We are adding to the line, but it will be a RH offset version as there would be more demand than a standard LH version.
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    • From Chris at 6/23/14 10:41 PM
      • What is the COR on this club?
      • Chris,

        We don't like to give out that information because there have been other non-conforming driver made where the manufacturer published what very could be erroneous information or false claims and there is no way for the average consumer to test the validity. All I am going to say is these will all go over the USGA COR limit even considering any manufacturing tolerance for face thickness, plus we will not have to worry about defective pieces or make any footnotes that the driver should be swung by anyone with over x-amount of swing speed or below. The USGA dissuades manufacturers from publishing the CT (or C.O.R.) anyway and only wants us to say they either conform to the Rule of Golf or they don't.
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    TM13652B-001-1050 RH Driver 10.5° 58 d 200 1 d Closed 57.5 mm 515 cc 45 in 0.335"  
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