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Acer Leggera Golf ClubheadHireko Golf Carries The Largest Selection of Cutting-Edge Golf Component Clubhead Designs
Hireko pushes the clubmaking clubhead design envelope with innovative and progressive thinking. For over 30 years Hireko Golf has provided golf clubmakers with unique, state-of-the-art component clubheads. Our high performance brands include Acer, Power Play, Dynacraft, Pal Joey and iBella. Our clubhead clubmaking design expertise is reflected in over a dozen nationally recognized publications and the best-selling book Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking now in its 6th edition.

Hireko Golf offers a huge selection of component clubheads at down to earth prices.  Hireko Golf clubheads are not just high quality, cutting-edge designs but they continue to push that envelope by offering models that don't just follow the latest trends, but go ahead of the curve with production techniques that other companies haven't even thought of yet! Hireko Golf clubheads are made with the highest quality materials to an exacting precision that is at the top level of the golf club component industry. 

Hireko Golf is your one-stop shop for top quality golf component clubheads with the latest technological advances at prices for the every day golfer. That’s the Hireko Golf performance advantage!

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