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History of Hireko Golf

Hireko Golf was founded on the principle that golf should be fun and affordable for people from all walks of life. Hireko recognizes that golf can sometimes be an expensive and unwelcoming game, and our goal is to make it less so.

Hireko was started in 1981 in Los Angeles, California as a mail order catalog retailer of golf components. Hireko's unique combination of low prices and a massive selection of clubhead models enabled hobbyists/DIYers, mom-and-pop shops, and golf retailers to provide custom-fitted and custom-assembled golf clubs at lower prices than off-the-rack clubs from major brand names. Hireko’s stable of recognized clubmaking brands include Acer and Juggernaut in clubheads, to SK Fiber golf shafts, to Karma golf grips. Hireko is also an authorized reseller of several major aftermarket component brands, including Winn Grips, Lamkin Grips, True Temper Shafts, and many others.


Hireko Acquires Dynacraft Golf

In 2005, Hireko acquired Dynacraft Golf, one of the original Big Three golf component suppliers (along with now-defunct Golfsmith and Golfworks). Today, Dynacraft clubmaking tools and supplies continue the tradition. With the acquisition of Dynacraft, renown industry veteran Jeff Summitt became Hireko's Technical Director. Jeff Summitt has taught countless clubmakers the art of building custom golf clubs and was the driving force behind the original DSFI (Dynacraft Shaft Fitting Index) and the author of The Modern Guide to Clubmaking book. Jeff took Hireko's product quality and technical expertise to another level. For those interested in learning clubmaking, Jeff's technical articles will take you from beginner to expert.


Powerbilt Golf Licensee

In 2013, Hireko acquired the rights to license and distribute Powerbilt Golf in the United States. Powerbilt Golf has a rich and storied history. The brand is over 100 years old, and its clubs have been used to win over 8 major championships and over 140 total tour victories. Major champions using Powerbilt golf clubs include Fuzzy Zoeller and Larry Mize. Today, the Powerbilt brand brings quality golf clubs, package sets, golf bags and accessories to all types of golfers.


Hireko Acquires Orlimar Golf

Who owns Orlimar Golf? In 2016, Hireko acquired the rights to the Orlimar trademark, amongst other well-known brands including Intech Golf and Knight Golf. Orlimar is famous for its shallow-face fairway wood, the Orlimar TriMetal. In the late 1990's, through its innovative use of the TV infomercial, the TriMetal rocketed to history as one of golf's most popular products. Today, the Orlimar brand continues its strong run through such popular products as the Orlimar Intercept single-length iron set, the Orlimar Pitch 'n' Putt Bag, and Orlimar ATS Junior Golf Clubs.