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Belly Putter Fitting & Assembly, November, 2011
The Basics of Ferrule Finishing, October, 2011
What Impact Positions Can Tell You About Your Game, September, 2011
Principles of Soft and Hard Stepping Golf Shafts, August, 2011
The Basics of Ferrule Installation, July, 2011
Selecting the Proper Weight Golf Club and Components A Discussion on Component Weights, Overall Weight and Swingweight, June, 2011
Golf Club Length-The Single Most Important Fitting Variable, April, 2011
2011 Selecting the Correct Grip and Grip Type, March, 2011
Why There Aren’t Any Club Specification Standards, December, 2010
Basics of Gripping & Regripping, October, 2010
Basics of Epoxy & Shaft Installation, August, 2010
Basics of Ferrule Installation, June, 2010
Basics of Shaft Abrasion, May, 2010
Basics of Shaft Cutting, April, 2010
Basics of Shaft Installation, March, 2010
2010 The Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index, February, 2010
Shaft Sorting Webinar
December 17, 2009
Swingweighting Golf Clubs
November 12, 2009
Golf Club Grip Sizing Charts
October 29
Basics of Ferrule Finishing
October 15
Basics of Measuring Shaft Length
October 1
Basics of Gripping / Regripping August 27
Basics of Epoxy and Shaft Installation August 13
Basics of Ferrule and Ferrule Installation July 23
Basics of Shaft Abrasion July 9
Basics of Shaft Cutting June 18
Basics of Shaft Installation - Understanding The Principals of Tip Trimming Instructions June 4
The Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index and 2009 Shaft Addendum May 1
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- Eduardo J. Sanchez-Benet
  "From someone who has attended literally hundreds of Webinars for work this was my most enjoyable webinar ever! I am so impressed by the information you and Hireko make available to the golfing public."
- Tony Paluka