Don't have access to a swingweight scale and want to know what your club will measure? Then look no further than the Hireko Golf Club Building Swingweight Calculator to provide you with the information you are looking for. It is fast, fun...and best of all, free! Simply weigh the components on a gram weight scale and measure the club length and shaft balance point from the tip end of the shaft. We have even included a counterweight option. Input these eight variables into the calculator and presto, you have your results.

Golf Club Building Swingweight Calculator

Head Weight (grams):

Club Length (inches):

Cut Shaft Weight (grams):

Cut Shaft Length (grams):

Cut Shaft Balance Point (grams):

Grip Weight (grams):

Counterweight (grams):

Counterweight Length (inches):

............ ................

Driver Swingweight (oz-in):

Fairway / Hybrid / Iron / Wedge Swingweight (oz-in):

TIPS: Make sure to enter accurate measurements to obtain the best results. For example, enter component weights to the nearest 1/10th of a gram or length measurements to the nearest 1/8" if possible. Once you have balanced and marked the balance point of the shaft, make sure to measure the distance from the tip end. If you add a counterweight, make sure to adjust for the additional length. An undefined result means that the value is outside the range of a normal swingweight scale.