How to Cut Golf Shafts with a Chop Saw

Increase the proficiency of your clubmaking operation by cutting shafts with motorized equipment.
This New Video Below Will Show You How!

Hireko Golf’s technical director Jeff Summitt will explain the procedure and some tips to cutting both steel and graphite shafts with motorized equipment.  This will provide the fastest, most efficient way to cut all types of shafts. Some of the things you will need are as follows:

Items you may need

Chop saw (large or small) or ½ horsepower bench grinder 
Shaft cutting fixture (optional for larger shops) 
Shaft cutting wheel for a chop saw, or you can also use a 3,450 rpm 1/2 hp bench grinder.
Abrasive Shaft Cut Off Wheel for a bench grinder

Abrasive wheel for chop sawMake sure on the blade that it has the correct hole size for the arbor and the blade is rated for the right rpm based on your motorized device. For a 1/2 HP bench grinder, you may need washers as spacers and to help center the blade. Remember always to wear safety glasses / goggles and follow all other saftey precautions. Lastly, make sure to measure twice and cut once.

For more information on cutting golf shafts, please consult the Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking book. 

Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking