JumboMax Grips: Not All Jumbo Grips are Created Equal

Jumbo grips are popular with golfers who either have larger hands or those that prefer to hold the grip in the palms instead of the fingers – think of a baseball grip or holding a tool.

The larger sizing helps to decrease grip pressure for a more tension-free swing. Examples of popular jumbo grips are the Winn Excel Soft Black Oversize, Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Jumbo, Avon Jumbo Chamois series and the Lamkin Crossline Jumbo. In each of these cases they measure +1/8” over men’s standard. However, not all jumbo grips are the same size. Grips such as the Karma Black Velour Jumbo and the Avon Pro D2x Jumbo are the largest in their series, but measure +1/16” and +1/32” respectively or what might be considered midsize in other grips.

Just recently we added JumboMax Grips to our extensive product line proving once again we want to be your one stop source for all your component needs. Their grip line is small but specialized by offering four swing grips and two putter grips; all of which are “jumbo” sized. However, when I say jumbo sized, I want to clearly state that not all jumbo grips are created equal.

Standard grip sizingA lesson in grip sizing

To understand how big these are, we must first establish what is considered standard. The golf industry does have a standard for measuring grip sizing on non-putter grips. Measuring 2” below the grip cap, the diameter of the grip is recorded. For men’s standard it should measure 0.900” and for ladies standard it should be 0.850”. OK, I know most of you may not like math, but it becomes important here.

What is +1/8” over men’s standard like the most popular jumbo grips? In this case, if you measure the diameter 2” below the grip cap it should measure 0.900” (standard) + 1/8” over. The first thing we need is to convert fractions to decimals so it is easier to add. To convert 1/8” we simply divide 1 by 8 and come up with 0.125. Now add them up (0.900 + 0.125) and we get 1.025”. Voilà, that’s it!

Putting the jumbo in JumboMax

What sizes do JumboMax grip come in? As we mentioned earlier, JumboMax offers 5 different sized jumbo grips their swing grips. Those five sizes are:

X-Small Black Wrap + 1/8 inch
Small Black Wrap + 1/4 inch
Medium Black Wrap + 5/16 inch
Large Black Wrap + 11/32 inch
X-Large Black Wrap + 3/8 inch

To put this in perspective, here are the portions of each of these grips compared to standard and +1/8” grips on the market. Not to confuse you with rapper Biggie Smalls, the small version of the JumboMax series is quite big.

JumboMax grip sizing
Additional info about JumboMax grips

Each of these grips comprises of a soft polyurethane wrap over a rubber underlisting and install like any other grip. Because these are much larger than a conventional grip; they weigh more too. By using these grips you would be basically counterweighting your clubs at the same time. There is nothing wrong with that as many golfers are finally seeing the benefits to counterweighting a golf club. These are also perfect for those who may suffer arthritis.

For clubmakers, there is no more reason to add build-up tape underneath jumbo grips to create a custom size as these are already larger. Plus you might want to consider one of these truly unique models for a demo in your shop.