Stop Poorly Clubfitting Your Customers. The Secrets of Custom Golf Clubfitting Are Revealed

The all new Modern Guide to Golf Clubfitting is the perfect book for those wanting to learn the craft of custom golf clubfitting and for seasoned pros too!

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This past week we began to sell a new book on golf club fitting aptly named the Modern Guide to Golf Clubfitting that will offer a different and hopefully a fresh perspective than other clubfitting books that have been written in the past. While the book was targeted for those that professionally fit golf clubs for a living, it was written for any golfer interested in learning more about their existing or new equipment.

The obvious question is who should be fit? There is a preconceived notion that only good players should be fit. As mentioned in this book “that would be like saying that only high handicappers need lessons. In fact, all golfers need lessons and to be fit. With proper instruction and custom clubfitting, both can help a player enjoy this great game and have a positive experience.”

In the book we address what fitting is and how it won’t have the same meaning to all. We even discuss the six levels of fitting that you may encounter and where one may be more applicable than another. For someone that has been in the golf industry for now over three decades, I have experienced fitting first hand. I’ve fit individuals, taught golf clubfitting classes and continue to help our customers on a daily basis help fit their customers or themselves. What I have learned over the years is not to try to apply a cookie-cutter approach to fitting because that will be a doomed business model.

The book is written in the most orderly fashion as possible with understanding the basics first and then applying those ideas together. Plus they say a picture is worth a thousand words and the reason why there are ton of diagrams to help you understand a certain concept.

Modern Guide to Golf ClubfittingSpeaking of why, Why do we have 14 clubs in our bag? Why does it seem like I use the same clubs over and over again? Why do lady golfers have an unfair advantage? Why do I push my hybrids but pull my irons? What is golf club bounce and should I care? What is the most important variable when it comes to golf club fitting? What is the most important question to address in a fitting? What can I expect from a fitting? These are all questions that are explained in the Modern Guide to Golf Clubmaking.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it.