Synchron Vespa Series of Golf Equipment In Stock!

I am happy to announce the Synchron Vespa series is one of the newest arrivals to be stocking our shelves and ready to be shipped.

Synchron Vespa SeriesDéjà vu

The Synchron Vespa is a culmination of some of our most beloved and highly reviewed models of the recent past that have been updated and transformed into an economical yet high-performance seamless family. So if some of these look eerily familiar to you, it is not by coincidence.

In brief, here is the skinny on the Vespa line, but you can watch the videos for more detailed features. The driver is a wide body design to provide more accuracy and much needed confidence off the tee. The fairway and hybrids are shallow faced to get the ball airborne and with the addition of the dual rails makes it versatile from a variety of course conditions. Lastly, the irons are a general all-around performer that will meet the needs of a wide array of players.

Good news for lefties

I know we get complaints from southpaws that say “Why didn’t you make these in left hand?” Well we did with these as we know these will sell. So buy up and don’t prove me wrong.

Casual dress code

With the Vespa line we haven’t cut any corners in regard to materials, technology or manufacturing tolerances as our other premium products we offer. What we mean by economical is we haven’t added any exotic finishes which add to the cost of the head yet really provide no additional performance benefits other than aesthetics. Don’t get me wrong, these are still very good looking heads, but without all the glitz.

What’s in a name?

You might be asking why put them under the Synchron line and not Acer, Power Play or Dynacraft. For one, we already had enough Acer products and we didn’t want to confuse customers any further. Since these were somewhat legacy models, we only felt that should be in their own category – value or I should say “value added”. And if you are wondering about the name, no it wasn’t inspired after a motor shooter. Vespa just happens to mean wasp in Italian.

Synchron Vespa Titanium Driver

The Synchron Vespa driver produces both the pleasing sound at impact and possesses a brilliantly sculpted traditional shape which will be preferred by a wide range of golfers. Available in RH: 10.5° 12° and LH: 10.5°

Synchron Vespa Driver

Synchron Vespa Titanium Driver – Clubhead
Model #TM1001142

Synchron Vespa Fairway Woods

Re-designed from our most popular fairway wood series ever, the dual rails will cut through the most difficult rough, but still easy to hit from hard pan lies due to the shallow face height and low center of gravity. Available in RH: #3, 5, 7 and LH: #3, 5, 7

Synchron Vespa Fairway

Synchron Vespa Fairway Wood – Clubhead
Model #M900T61B

Synchron Vespa Hybrids

Dual rails have been added to one of our most popular hybrids of the past to create a line that will be easy to hit from virtually any lie. Available in RH: #3, 4, 5 and LH: #3, 4, 5

Synchron Vespa Hybrid

Synchron Vespa Hybrids – Clubhead
Model #IW12863B

Synchron Vespa Irons

A superb game-improvement iron suitable for a wide array of players packed with features that will provide precision accuracy and a solid feel.. Availability is RH 3-9, PW, AW, SW LH 4-9, PW, SW

Synchron Vespa Iron

Synchron Vespa Irons – Clubhead
Model #I36601