What is a Thriver Mini? Meet the Acer XV Family’s Newest Addition – Perfect Off The Tee or Fairway

What is 50% tee club like a driver, 50% high-performance fairway wood and 110% extremely fun to hit? If you do that math, there is only one head on the market that adds up which is the new Acer XV Thriver Mini and it is a whole new classification of club head.

Acer XV Thriver MiniWhat is a Thriver?

So what the HE double hockey sticks is a Thriver Mini and why do I need one?

Hireko has offered Thrivers before like the Acer XS and Acer XF versions. If you don’t know what a Thriver is, here is a brief explanation:

It is a combination of the terms Three Wood + Driver which results into Thriver. A 3 wood is more lofted and this cuts down on side spin, plus is shorter to enable one to have more control. On the other hand, a driver is approximately three times the size of a 3 wood which makes it much more forgiving on off-center shots. Plus you have the large 460cc confidence building size and thin face that produces maximum distance. The Thriver is a full 10g more than a normal driver to allow for a shorter, more controllable length that now has the proper amount of weight in the player’s hands. These are the best of both worlds when it comes to these two heads.



Acer XV Thriver Mini FaceThe Acer XV Thriver Mini is somewhat the opposite of the original Thriver concept by being more fairway wood than driver. It maintains the 3-wood loft and weight, yet is sized between the two. However, it has a far bigger footprint than a standard 3-wood (221cc) and yet shallow enough to hit from a fairway; that is something a traditional Thriver is incapable of doing efficiently. The Acer XV Thriver Mini has a face height of a standard 3-wood but one could still use it off of a short tee for added control like a fairway seeking demon.

What makes the Thriver Mini different from a fairway wood?

What separates the Acer XV Thriver Mini from a normal fairway wood are several things. First, this is an all-titanium head. This is made with the same explosive thin face as a driver for added distance. Secondly, being titanium but a smaller volume or size as a modern driver allows for a much higher concentration of weight to be placed on the sole to allow it to be hit from the fairway and get the ball airborne. Plus we have added the Power Chamber sole for improved energy transfer, especially on shots struck low on the face, as well as the Gravity Port for fine-tuning swingweight.

The Acer XV Thriver Mini is a club you would stick in your bag to replace your current 3-wood, but you would still consider carrying a normal driver to give you different options off the tee depending upon the 3 C’s: circumstances, confidence and course conditions. Plus when you need that added distance for that long par 4 or trying to reach a par 5 in two, you have the Thriver Mini on hand. As you can see this is a very versatile club.

Acer XV Family FootprintFor those that really liked the Power Play Warp Speed Brassie we offered or missed out and wanted one – don’t worry. This is very similar in terms of size and shape, but much more enhanced due to all the added features and titanium construction.

Acer XV Thriver Mini Clubhead Acer XV Thriver Mini Custom Assembled
Model# TFM1469-001-1300
Acer XV Titanium Thriver Mini – Clubhead
Model# XTFM1469
Acer XV Titanium Thriver Mini – Custom Assembled