What Makes The KBS C-Taper So Special?

/golf-components/shafts.html?series=757Hireko has added yet another shaft series to our extensive line up – the KBS C-Taper. Unlike most shafts we stock, the C-Taper shafts are not designed to fit any Hireko irons or wedges as they are a taper tip offering.  These are designed to retrofit existing pro-line irons and wedges requiring a 0.355” taper tip shaft.

What makes C-Taper shaft different?

According to KBS, through state-of-the-art independent robot testing, the C-Taper advantage is to reduce the launch angle by 5%, reduced spin by 5% and gain up to 10 yards more distance versus competitor’s shafts.  I should probably like to state that for certain golfer’s such as those with reduced swing speeds, less spin and trajectory are a recipe for disaster.

However, for stronger golfers or those that naturally hit the ball high like myself, a more driving trajectory can produce more distance and control, especially in windy condition.  KBS targeted the C-Taper shaft toward the aggressive player that has a rapid swing tempo and high shot trajectory proving once again there is not one shaft that will fit all golfers.


The C-Taper shafts are eye-catching.  First, they are a stepless design.  Secondly, instead of the traditional high-polished chrome finish, these shafts have a brushed satin almost machined finish. The two-tone shaft decals are applied lengthwise giving them a more prominent appearance than the smaller shaft bands you are accustomed to seeing.

Fitting information

The C-Taper shafts are offered in some flexes you might not be familiar with.  There is your standard R and S flexes, but there is also a R+ and S+ version.  The key difference is the plus (+) version is a heavier option, not necessarily stiffer. That will be a better fit for players who have more of a quicker tempo or where accuracy might command a little more of a premium without going up to the next flex.

Here is the DSFI data that we produce for our annual Shaft Fitting Addendum so you can compare them to other shafts we have tested:

KBS C-Taper DSFI information

Being a taper tip shaft, there is no tip trimming required.  But this requires the clubmaker to purchase a specific raw length for each head.  Here are those recommended raw lengths:

2-iron 41"
3-iron 40.5"
4-iron 40"
5-iron 39.5"
6-iron 39"
7-iron 38.5"
8-iron 38"
9-iron 37.5"
wedges 37.5"

How does the KBS C-Taper Feel?

I had an opportunity to shaft up a few of the flexes in identical 5-iron heads of the same loft, lie, weight, etc to compare them to what typical use as my baseline shaft. For a stiffed tipped, high bend point shaft they did not have a harsh feel.  This must be the “signature feel” that is written about in their literature. Unfortunately I didn’t have a launch monitor handy for testing the 5% claims.  For someone that hits a 5-iron 170 yards, adding 5% (8.5 yards) with no additional effort is nothing to sneeze at. On the range there were definitely no shorter than what I was normally.


The KBS C-Taper are not going to be for every golfer.  But if you (or your customer) have a name brand iron requiring a taper tip shaft and you have a more aggressive swing looking for reduced trajectory and improved performance, then the C-Taper is an option for your game.

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