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    Acer XV Pro Iron - Custom Assembled
    Model: XI3720A

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The XV Pro features the same cutting edge design as the standard, but with a more compact design and reduced offset favored by better players. The XV Pro model also has a slightly narrower sole and thinner topline.


Club Loft Lie Offset Standard Length* Available
#4 Iron 23º 60.5º 3.0 mm 38.5" RH
#5 Iron 26º 61.5º 2.8 mm 38" RH
#6 Iron 29º 62º 2.6 mm 37.5" RH
#7 Iron 33º 62.5º 2.4 mm 37" RH
#8 Iron 37º 63º 2.2 mm 36.5" RH
#9 Iron 41º 63.5º 2.0 mm 36" RH
PW 45º 64º 1.8 mm 35.5" RH
GW 50º 64º 1.6 mm 35.5" RH
SW 55º 64º 1.3 mm 35.25" RH

* Men's standard length with steel shaft.  Ladies length is 1" less. Graphite shafts are an additional 1/2" longer.

Proudly custom assembled in the USA

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    Questions on Acer XV Pro Iron - Custom Assembled

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    • From Nick Lubben at 3/11/2015 4:19 PM
      • Are these still coming out this month?
      • Nick,

        The ETA is the end of next week if there is not another delay at the shipyards.
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    • From Owen at 10/9/2016 10:33 PM
      • Considering a full set of these Acer XV Pro irons. Currently playing with my old Hireko set from ~2002 (Impex Plus 304 Stainless) which are great, but would prefer less offset and, as I age, lighter (ideally constant-weight) shafts. Starting to find the longer irons too heavy and losing distance.

        Are there any constant-weight shafts available from Hireko to fit these 0.370 hosels? If not, would Hireko consider assembling them with shims to fit 0.355 taper-tip shafts of constant weight?
      • Owen,

        There are no constant weight shafts currently available as part of the custom assembled drop down menu options. From a liability standpoint, we will not assemble with taper tip shafts / shims either. What I would suggest is to pick a shaft that is lighter than you are currently using.
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    • From Owen Thornton at 10/10/2016 11:38 PM
      • Thank you for your response yesterday. I can understand your position.

        Today's question: For a set of assembled irons from Hireko, is it possible to specify a swingweight, or a varying range of swingweights through the set?
      • Owen,

        No, we do not build to a specific swingweight because in many cases it would not be possible with the shaft, grip or length the customer choose.
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    • From Carl at 3/25/2017 11:18 PM
      • Is there a way to get the shaft shortened by 3/4's of an inch instead of an entire inch? That's how my current clubs are configured. Also is there a Satisfaction guarantee of some sort?
      • Carl,

        We can only generate custom club orders in 1/2" increments. As far as a guaranty, you can read our terms here:
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    • From Dan Coakley at 8/7/2017 2:31 PM

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