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reg $130.95
    Acer XV Titanium Driver - Custom Assembled
    Model: XTM128532

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The Acer XV is a versatile and technologically enhanced driver series available in a variety of lofts to suit players of all skill levels. The classic appearance has a lot of functionality from the addition of the Power Chamber sole, Gravity Port and CNC milled crown. The Power Chamber sole enhances energy transfer to the ball while the Gravity Port allows for fine-tuning of swingweight for different shaft weights and balance points and custom assembly lengths. The Acer XV drivers feature our lightest all-titanium crown ever. It goes through a CNC milling process to remove excessive material to reduce weight than can be repositioned strategically within the head for optimal performance.

Stock screw is 7 grams and requires 4mm Allen wrench


Club Loft Lie Face Angle Volume Standard Length* Available
Driver 9.5º 58º Square 460 cc 45" RH & LH
Driver 10.5º 58º 1º Closed 460 cc 45" RH & LH
Driver 12º 58º 1º Closed 460 cc 45" RH
Driver 14º 58º 1º Closed 460 cc 45" RH

* Men's standard length with graphite shaft.  Ladies length is 1" less. Steel shafts are an additional 1" less.

Proudly custom assembled in the USA

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    Questions on Acer XV Titanium Driver - Custom Assembled

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    • From Mark at 3/27/2015 2:57 PM
      • If I have you cut the shaft by an inch, do you adjust the swing weight or is that something that I should do on my own?

      • Mark,

        We don't adjust the swingweight automatically. For an inch shorter I would advise getting the optional 12g screw and replacing the stock screw (7g) that comes with the head.
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    • From Fred at 4/10/2015 6:53 PM
      • If I have a 1/2 long stiff shaft should I stay with 7g screw or should I replace with 2g screw for maximum length off tee
      • Fred,

        Most likely all your other clubs are standard weight and 1/2" longer resulting into a higher swingweight. I would probably opt for the stock 7g weight, but you could always order a spare 2g weight to see whether or not that could increase performance.
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    • From Trent at 8/12/2015 7:21 AM
      • I have a usual clubhead speed of 105 and a high of 110 when I go after it, I'm just wondering what shaft in this driver would you recommend?
      • Trent,

        Sometimes shaft fitting has more to do with your tempo and speed alone. The first question I would have is what shaft and flex are you currently using now? Secondly, how do you hit it or where do your misses go? Lastly, does that shaft feel too light, too heavy, too stiff or too flexible or does it seem to be fine?
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    • From James M at 8/21/2015 2:24 PM
      • I'm getting older and have lost some distance with my driver. How does the new XV compare to the XS titanium as to face hotness and regaining some distance.
      • James,

        Both are equally hot as far as the COR measured in the center of the face. The difference would be the XV would produce better result when struck low on the face, plus it is slightly more forgiving than the XS. If you are losing distance and all of the sudden you are hitting the ball lower than your playing partners, you might consider more loft. That is only if you notice the ball going lower.
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    • From Tom at 9/7/2015 6:23 PM
      • My son is 5'4 and he's using a junior driver. I think a senior flex would work for him, but having it 44 inches would be too long. What length would you recommend and how would I select that option on the site?
      • Tom,

        At 5' 4", you might consider 43.5" for length. To order that length on-line, select ladies minus 1/2 inch.
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    Model # Hand Club Loft Lie Weight Face Angle Face Height Volume Std Clublength Hosel ID UPC
    XTM128532-001-0950 RH       0            
    XTM128532-001-1050 RH       0            
    XTM128532-001-1200 RH       0            
    XTM128532-001-1400 RH       0            
    XTML128532-001-0950 LH       0            
    XTML128532-001-1050 LH       0            
    Shipping Length (inches) Shipping Width (inches) Shipping Height (inches) Shipping Weight (pounds)
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