Retrieving a golf ball in water

Save Money on Golf Balls

Let's face it, golf balls can be expensive, especially if you are a beginner or don't play often where you tend to lose balls that happen to find water hazards or eek out of bounds beyond arms or club length. Premium balls cost $4 each at retail, while economy balls run close to $2 apiece so if you lose a sleeve or more per round, that adds up quickly over time. 

Why do you never see a pro or their caddie using a golf ball retriever when you watch golf on TV? For one, these players are really, really good and seldom do they lose a ball.  More importantly, they get their balls for free!  If us mere mortals were as fortunate it would make this one accessory obsolete.  That is why a golf ball retriever can be a great addition to your bag and pay for itself several times over. So, what are the features to look for?

Find a length that suits your needs

A golf ball retriever can be found in several lengths from 6-foot to models measuring more than 3 times that amount. Orlimar's Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retrievers are available in the 3 most popular lengths: 12-foot, 15-foot, and 18-foot. The purpose of having a longer length is obvious in that it expands the area you can reach.  However, the downside of a longer length is it a little more cumbersome to navigate the head to where you want it to go. So weigh what the best golf ball retriever length is suited to your situation.

Orlimar Golf Ball Retriever in action

Ball Security

There are several ball retrievers on the market with different mechanisms to trap or pick up the ball. For the Orlimar fluorescent head golf ball retrievers, place the retriever's head on top of the golf ball, gently press down to catch it. The head is tapered on either side so that it provides suction so you can pull the ball back to a safe area to retrieve.

The optic orange head is ideal for visibility in water or thick brush.



Orlimar golf ball retrievers are made of high-quality aluminum.  While there are lighter products on the market, you will find not one that is sturdier when expanded and ready for use.

Simple Operation

Twist the fluorescent head or each black plastic ferrule to the right and this loosens the section so you can extend or shorten to the desired length or for storage.  To tighten the segment, simply turn to the left.  You can repeat with each segment. For storage, it fits down in your bag like an extra iron.

Orlimar Golf Ball Retriever operation

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Orlimar's Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retrievers