Clubfitting tips from Hireko Golf

5 Useful Tips for Fitting a Golf Club

Golfers reach out to me every day about what type of equipment is best for their game. In cases where it is over the phone or an email and you can't see the player hit clubs in person, one must rely solely on what the customer says.  Here are some tips that will help you self-fit and find what you need more efficiently.

Write it Down

One of the best tips I can give is to take good notes.  For instance, your golfing buddy let you hit his brand-new driver and you go "Holy cow, I really liked that!" Or perhaps, you went to a Demo Day and just beat the snot out of a driver.  What really did you like better than what you are currently playing?

Line it up with your driver.  Was it longer?  Did it have greater or less loft? Look at the numbers on the heel or sole.  What shaft and flex did it have? And let's not forget about the grip.  Take a peak and write it down or take an image with your phone and email yourself as a reminder.

Golf component specificationsFor example, you have always hit lighter weight, regular flex shafts because you are just an average strength golfer and that is what you have been told you need.  However, in this case the shaft in that driver was a little heavier and S-flex and meshed with your swing. Chances are if you look to re-shaft your current driver or purchase a new one, maybe all you needed all along was a comparable flex and weight shaft that didn't fit you "by the book".

Conversely, if you absolutely didn't like something about the club, write that down too.  Over time you can look for common denominators and avoid clubhead specifications you know you have not fared well with and save time and money.

Don't Be Afraid of Change

Hey, I like a routine probably more than a lot of people.  There is something peaceful about sameness.  Occasionally, you got to get out of your rut and find something different.  It could be a new restaurant or cuisine because the place you usually go to is closed that day or went out of business.  Or maybe you have been stuck in the 70's and have been playing blades all your life because that is "what you grew up playing".  You know what, you might just like something you never though you would because you were open-minded. The worst thing that can happen if you don't like it is that it affirms your beliefs.  At least it won't be in the back of your mind "What if?"

Avoid the One-Hit Wonder

Don't make this mistake and think, boy did I hit that club one time straight and longer than anything else I hit in my life, this must be the right club for me.  Remember, a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Look at the other 9 out of 10 times you hit the club and make an honest observation.  For instance, three went left, five went right and one went far right of your target.  That one shot doesn't seem that good now does it?  Remember, golf is a game of consistency.

Be Honest

When answering questions to a club fitter, store clerk or company representative, give them the best honest-to-goodness information possible.  You are only hurting herself if you embellish the truth. For instance, you say "I hit it pretty straight" when in fact you might slice more than half the time off the tee or "I drive the ball on average 250 yards" when it is only 220 yards. You are only setting yourself up for club specifications that will not improve your game and possibly make it even worse.

State Your Dexterity

Maybe one of the most important statements you can make in a fitting is saying up front what handiness you play golf.  If you are a left-handed player…enough said.  You already know your choices will be limited.  But at least it will save time when the person hands you or suggests a particular club when it is the proverbial "right-hand only".

These five tips are a great start to helping you find what specifications you need for your game whether it be in a retail setting or if you try self-fitting yourself.  If you need more assistance looking for the right parameters, you can also use Hireko's Get Fit online golf fitting tool.