up close view Acer XV HT cavity back iron

Distance. Distance. Distance. That is a driving force of what the golf club industry has focused on. Sure, it is great for drivers, fairway woods and even lower lofted hybrids. But it now encompasses iron sets and there is a certain segment of golfers that won’t be well served with today’s newest irons. However, Hireko has continued to offer one iron set that is time tested and works extremely well with beginners, women, and senior golfers alike.

Distance can come at a price

Manufacturers can make distance irons that can get the ball airborne by utilizing a multi-material clubhead design coupled with lighter, more flexible tipped shafts to offset their strong lofts. This may normalize the ball trajectory component but usually at the cost of reduced spin. Without adequate spin, it adversely affects the peak height and decent angle to ensure the proper stopping power of the ball when it lands on the green. Plus, players with reduced speeds are already penalized by producing less spin.

Another byproduct of multi-material heads is the added cost of manufacturing. Not necessarily what beginning golfers, many women and senior men on a fixed budget are necessarily looking for when purchasing a new iron set.

Don’t just chase more distance but better scoring

There is a simple solution. Old school lofts, a wider sole, shallower face height, and a lower center of gravity. All four features make it easy to launch the ball higher and yes, hold the green. It’s not complicated nor costly to achieve. This is why the Acer XV HT (High Trajectory) irons have perennially been Hireko’s best-selling and performing irons for this segment of golfer.

Acer XV HT Cavity Back Iron Acer XV HT wide sole Shallow face Acer XV HT iron
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