Cord exposed on a half cord golf grip

Golf grips are offered in a variety of materials; each of which provides golfers with a different firmness, texture and feel. From soft to firm, smooth or rough and everything in-between. The most popular grip materials are rubber, rubber composition, and synthetic (or polyurethane), plus there are a few others.

Corded Golf Grips

Before we answer the question, “What is a half cord golf grip”, we first need to understand what the cord is. cord golf grip with water beading on itCord grips have a layer of cloth or linen fibers that protrude through the grip’s outer surface of the grip to improve the traction. Cord tends to be the firmest of all the grip materials.

How Cord Grips are Manufactured

Cord grips are compression molded.  At the beginning of this process, the fibrous material is pressed into the rubber composition grip surface.  Next a second layer of rubber, known as the "skim" layer, is molded over this initial rubber/fiber matrix. The grips are then sanded to reveal the fiber (or cord) layers. This process is more labor intensive and difficult to produce with a higher rejection rate. As a result, they cost more to manufacturer.

Different Type of Corded Golf Grips

The cord in the grip may be arranged in any number of patterns, including full cord, half cord, and even 1/4 cord. The latter two positions (also known as hybrid golf grips), the cord material is in the upper half or back of the grip where added traction may be needed most. For most experienced golfers, the term half-cord will conjure up the image of the cord running along the bottom side the full length of the grip (as pictured).

older style full and half cord golf grips


Modern Half Cord Golf Grips

Today’s hybrid or half cord grips position the cord differently. The grip contains the corded material in the upper half of the grip to prevent slippage, while the bottom half consists of the softer, all-rubber composition that maintains the nice soft feel.

modern half cord grip, cord at top and 100% rubber at the bottom of the grip

Benefits of a Cord Golf Grip

Regardless of if you are talking about a full cord or half cord golf grip, they are renowned for their superior traction, especially in wet weather or humid conditions. While they tend to cost more, these grips will last longer than rubber grips and will not need to be replaced as quickly.  Plus, today’s half cord grips are available in a myriad of colors compared to the boring black grips with perhaps a single accent color you remember your father or grandfather using.

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