Fall Shaft Sale at Hireko

We bought tens of thousands of shafts as part of a large OEM buyout and we are sharing those savings with you. Last week we showed you some premium shafts offerings from Fujikura, Mitsubishi Chemical, Nippon and UST-Mamiya. This week we will concentrate on a new batch of TaylorMade closeout shafts; each were co-branded with Fujikura and Matrix. All these offerings are great for repairs or re-shafting, especially now harder-to-find 0.350" diameter wood shafts and many are in the very lightweight range or sub-60 grams. Stock up while they last and save.

If you thought you saw a few Mitsubishi Chemical shafts listed as hybrid shafts, they are actually Mitsubishi graphite iron shafts (although they could be used in hybrids requiring a 0.370" shaft as long as you follow the trimming for the weight of the head).