Stocked shelves at Hireko Golf

Prepare for Longer Lead Times When Ordering (updated July 2021)

Many of you have contacted us and asked why so many products seem to be backordered or when do you expect a certain product to arrive.  We all are aware that this year has been extraordinary in many ways. Let us briefly explain what has led up to the current shortage of products, not just for Hireko, but for golf companies industrywide.

For the foundries overseas, the slowest time of year starts in late May and extends all the way into early October. However, the pandemic changed this typical manufacturing pattern.  Starting in March until the early part of July, very few orders trickled in for golf goods as there were lockdowns and uncertainty in the market due to the novel coronavirus.

As the restrictions began to lift, manufacturers started placing small orders only to find out there was limited capacity by their suppliers.  To make matters worse, golf companies did not want to get caught with their pants down, so they began pumping in larger orders to beat the demand exceeding even the busiest time of the year. 

That brings us to now where the suppliers could not meet the enormous demand in such a short time frame.  So now heads, shafts, grips, bags, headcovers, accessories - you name it - are well behind schedule. Normal lead times when we place a purchase order until it arrives at our dock went from approximately 90 days to closer to 8 months to a full year (some items even longer).  Larger shops and retail operations may want to plan ahead for this situation as it expected to be long term.

But overall, the golf industry is strong and has fared well through the COVID-19 lockdowns.  After all there is no way better to social distance than out on a golf course.  Thanks for all your patience and we will all get through this together.