Golf grips with less taper

Less Taper, More Power

One of the growing trends in golf that you might not be aware of is that grips are becoming less tapered.  If you ask why, there are usually two key reasons.  For one is for comfort and secondly it is for control. 

Another term you may have heard is "reduced taper", which is the same as a less taper. Both Golf Pride with the MCC Plus4 and CP2 series along with Lamkin's ST Hybrid +2 and Star's Tour Star+ are a few models on the market today. This past year Winn introduce a new model to it very popular DriTac series aptly named DriTac LT for Less Taper to augment their comprehensive series.  Now there is a soft, polyurethane model to choose from. The Winn Dri-Tac LT also comes in 3 different sizes to suit the majority of players.

Sure, clubmakers can build up a grip with masking tape underneath the double-side tape to increase the diameter. But with reduced taper grips you no longer have to add build-up tape to get the same result. For more information on whether a reduced tapered grip is right for you, make sure to click on this link.