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Star Grip pioneered the tapeless grip installation method over 30 years ago. It's quick, simple, neat, and allows the club to be used immediately with no drying time! What makes Star grips the perfect fit for tapeless installation is that they use the highest rubber content of any grip on the market. This allows for extreme elasticity with no risk of stretching or tearing the grip.

You can install the grips over old tape, on build up tape, or directly on the bare shaft. It's also environmentally friendly as you are avoiding the use of harmful solvents. If you have the Star Grip Installation Gun and a compressor, it takes less than 10 seconds to install the grip! However, for those of you who prefer the “old school” grip tape & solvent method, guess what, you can do that as well.

Let's get started and look at lineup of Star golf grips, all of which are proudly made in the U.S.A.! We also offer Star grip kits and grip bundles.

Meet the Star Grip Line

Star Grip Sidewinder


Star Grips #1 selling grip is the Sidewinder 360° which is a high-performance textured grip that provides firmer gripping control preferred by many golfers. The symmetrical "S" texture pattern was chosen to enhance directional grip on the club, like that provided by corded grips. Coupled with unprecedented durability, this grip is the perfect fit for the golf enthusiast who demands the ultimate performance and reliability from their grips. The symmetrical 360° design, which is free of any logos or alignment marks, is a great match for today's adjustable clubs. The Star Sidewinder is available in 3 sizes and multiple colors.

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Star Grip Classic Wrap

Classic Wrap

The Star Classic Wrap is a soft, highly tacky seamless 360° design grip made from a high-tack pure rubber compound. If you want a grip that will stick to your hands and not twist, this is the one for you! The Classic Wrap grip provides a soft supple feel which is easy on the hands, while a classic perforated design gives your clubs a timeless look.  Available in 3 sizes and multiple colors. Midsize in this model and the Sidewinder measures Men's +1/32".

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Star Grip Tour Star+

Tour Star+

The Tour Star+ grip is a reduced-taper version of Star's Classic Wrap and made from the same soft tacky rubber compound. The key feature of this grip it is has a larger lower section, which is equal to 3-4 extra wraps of tape. This promotes reduced grip pressure in the lower hand and results in less tension in the wrists and a more fluid swing. The additional thickness of this grip also provides the ultimate shock absorption which removes impact vibration to reduce stress on the hands and elbows. And just like all Star grips, offers the symmetrical 360° design. Available in 2 sizes and multiple colors. The Tour Star+ Oversize measures Men's +1/16".

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Star Grip Smoothee


The Smoothee is a wrap-style grip based on the design of Star's Classic Wrap but lacks perforation allowing more surface area to encounter the hands or glove for the ultimate tackiness. If an old-school leather wrap is the look and feel that you're after, then this is your grip. Classic. Retro. Smooth. 

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Star Grip Installation Tool

With this grip installation tool, you can install the grips over old tape, on build up tape, or directly on the bare shaft. It's also environmentally friendly as you are avoiding harmful solvents, and it takes less than 10 seconds!

Made in the USA!

One other feature of Star grips is that they are proudly made in the USA.  You can't say that about many golf related items.

Star Grip Made in the USA