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Apollo Introduces a New Black Double Bend Putter Shaft

Looking to create a cool putter? Apollo now offers two black putter shafts to fit most putters on the market.

Two Black Putter Shafts to Choose From

A new arrival, the Apollo Black Double Bend Putter Shaft will transform your putter into one stunning, stealth golf club. This matte black steel shaft features an offset and lie angle built into the curved putter shaft. It is designed to fit any putter with a 90-degree socket or post to create an offset and 72-degree lie angle. It has a 0.370" tip and works with right-hand putters only.

Putter with black double bend shaft

The Apollo Straight Black Putter Shaft was introduced a couple years ago and already has been very popular.  This standard length (36") matte black steel putter shaft features a stepless design for that high-end look. It fits putter heads requiring a 0.370" straight shaft.

Putter with straight black putter shaft

Blacked Out Putter

One benefit of a black putter shaft is that you can eliminate the reflection of the sun off the chromed steel shaft. This can help you focus on the alignment of the putter head. Who knows if there is any science behind putting better with a black putter shaft versus a traditional silver shaft? But if you have pride in your putter, you are going to have more confidence and subsequently you are arguably going to sink more putts.

What is the difference between a black steel putter shaft versus a black graphite putter shaft?

With a black steel putter shaft, you get the same great stability with your putter shaft as you are accustomed to. Plus, graphite putter shafts will have a tip that is too thick to fit over any putter with a post or tang. However, a heavy graphite putter shaft will act as a natural vibration dampener and can provide excellent feel.

How to Build a Putter with a Curved Putter Shaft

One of the more difficult tasks for a novice or beginning clubmaker is knowing what type of bent putter shaft is required for the putter at hand.  The following link shows the different bent putter shafts in pictures along with how to align a curved putter shaft.

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