Benefits of a Full Face Golf Wedge

If you like to manipulate the face around the green or in the bunker to create unconventional shots and maintain control and spin, then you may be in the market for a full-face groove wedge. What you say? One of the newer trends in golf is now available at Hireko. Let’s explore why one may want to use one.

Groove Anatomy

First of all, grooves or score lines are present on a golf club to channel off any water or grass juices between the club face and the golf ball to reduce the ball skidding up the face.

The score line area is the place that is designed to first frame the ball at address.  Generally, you will see that it does not extend the full length of the blade length or even the entire flat area of the face.  The center of the scoreline area is the focal point and most golfers would get the notion that the center of this area is the optimum position to make impact with the ball.  However, this is not always the case.

traditional wedge compared to full face groove wedge

Opening the Face of a Wedge

If you have an open stance and open the face of a wedge to hit a high shot that stops quickly after landing, you are more apt to hit higher up the club face further out toward the toe. This is why wedges with grooves that extend across the entire face out toward the toe (or full-face wedges) were created. “Hit ‘em where they ain’t”. Full-face groove wedges solve the issue of hitting a smooth area out on the toe and losing control as you could with a conventional wedge.

opening the face on a full groove wedge

Let’s go back track to the score line area on a full-face groove wedge. You might think that the focal point has now shifted toward the toe. But if you look carefully, the bottom score line will help act as the focal point.

I’m Not Going to Lie

Chances are you won’t open the face of a 52 degree or lower lofted wedge, so why do manufacturers add full face grooves for a gap or approach wedge? The honest answer is consistency, so the appearance is the same as the other wedges in the series. But hey, the grooves are there if you ever need them.

Two Full Face Wedges to Choose From

Hireko offers two full face groove wedges.  They are the Orlimar Spin Tech FF and the Juggernat Max CB series. These game-improvement wedges are both low bounce offerings for hitting with a square stance on tighter lies. They also offer a sole grind with heel relief, so when opening the face will increase the bounce and will only add to their forgiveness.

Orlimar Spin Tech Full Face Wedges Juggernaut Max CB Full Face Wedge - Clubhead