Person carrying a set of golf clubs in a soft covered travel cover

If you are planning a golf vacation in the immediate future, Hireko is pleased to announce we have two new travel covers from Orlimar and Powerbilt to help protect your clubs and make your travel plans as stress-free as possible.

If you have ever had to lug your golf clubs through the airport, you know what a hassle it is. As an alternative, you can always see if you destination has rental clubs. If so, it may save you time and money transporting clubs while on vacation. But most dedicated golfers will want to play with clubs they are familiar with.

Types of Travel Cases / Covers

If you are considering travelling by plane with your golf clubs invest in a decent quality travel cover. There are hard and soft and even hybrid cases to choose from. Hard cover cases will provide more protection but will be much more expensive. Soft cover travel cases are perfectly fine is you add a couple layers of security. They are usually the easiest to transport and get in and out of the car. Hybrid travel cases are a recent option and made with a hard top and a soft body section.

hard cover travel case Soft case travel cover with support rod
Hard cover travel case Soft case travel cover with support rod

Tips on Traveling with Your Golf Clubs

Your goal is to get your golf clubs from Point A to Point B and back without any damage to your valuable clubs. Sometimes that is easier said than done. First, try to get a non-stop flight. The less stops, the less handling of your bag will occur, and this reduces the chance of getting your clubs lost.

There are three additional things you can do to make that process go as planned. Before you are finished packing your bag, take plenty of photos with your cell phone. Yes, mishaps happen like lost or stolen clubs or damage during transit.

golf travel cover support rod

Get extra travel insurance with an item like the Intech Crossbar Golf Travel Bag Support Rod. This is a must-have for any travel cover and helps protect your clubs against breakage. It features a protective top support base and a fully adjustable 3-piece telescopic aluminum rod system. Set it just above your longest club. It fits all travel covers and collapse down to 25" while the top unscrews so you can store it in your bag when not in use.

Next is to fill in any empty spaces in the travel cover and/or wrap your clubs with extra towels, socks, or clothing. Just make sure to weigh the bag on your bathroom scale before you leave. Most airlines will have weight restrictions. Over and beyond that limit comes extra fees. If you have clubs equipped with adjustable shaft sleeves (like a driver or fairway woods), you can remove the heads from the shaft and pack them separately.

golf travel cover ID holder

Items like a rangefinder, GPS watch or other expensive items, remove them from your golf bag and put them in your carry-on. Oh, and lastly do not forget to put your ID on the bag. It can be a business card; it does not matter, just make sure it includes your name and cell phone number. It may also help to put down the name of the place you are staying for your trip down and your home address on your return trip.

A Look at 2 New Travel Covers for 2023

Most soft case travel covers on the market provide many common features. For instance, both travel covers from Orlimar and Powerbilt feature:

  • Cushioned internal padding along with a padded top to keep your clubs from getting marred or dinged up
  • Padded, reinforced lift handle
  • Includes an ID holder
  • Spacious interior compartment with an external shoe pocket

The main difference between the two travels covers are as follows:

Orlimar 1680D Super Duty Deluxe Wheeled Golf Travel Cover – Gray/Red/Black

  • Extra durable construction from a wear resistant 1680 denier material, which is much stronger than most travel bags on the market
  • Upgraded heavy-duty wheels

Powerbilt TPS Deluxe Wheeled Golf Travel Cover – Black/Gray/Orange

  • 600 denier material, most common material found on today’s travel covers
  • Skate-style wheels provide for smooth rolling while traveling

Orlimar 1680D Super Duty Travel Cover

Powerbilt TPS Deluxe Wheeled Travel Cover

Heavy duty wheels skate-style wheels

In either case, you cannot go wrong with either for the next time you are ready to travel with your golf clubs through the airport.