measuring iron loft and lie in a bending machine

Oh no, the shaft on your driver snapped off above the clubhead. Or perhaps your grips are so slick, and you are now having difficulty securing them when it is hot and humid. Or you hit what you think are good shots with a few of your irons only to have them consistently pushed right of your target.  These are just a few reasons why you may need to consult a golf repair shop.

Pricing for services like regripping, re-shafting, loft/lie adjustment, etc., can vary depending upon where you live and the overhead of the facility you are visiting. Obviously urban areas or large store front businesses will be more expensive as the operational costs will be higher.  However, here are some general guidelines of what you can expect to pay for basic golf club repair services in the continental US.

What is the cost to regrip golf clubs?

Regripping is the #1 repair service for any golf shop. Basic pricing for regripping a golf club on average is $4.50 per club PLUS the retail cost of the golf grip. Aside from labor, they must also factor in the cost of shipping the grip(s) from their supplier plus any gripping supplies like solvent and grip tape, so they have those parts on hand or need to be special ordered.

set of graphite shafts irons getting regripped

Before we get started, there is one important fact to explain. Most name brand grips and shafts have a suggested retail or MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). This is the reason when you are comparison shopping the pricing for these items are consistent at different websites.

To give an example, let’s say you want to have your irons and wedges (total of 9 pieces) regripped with the standard sized Lamkin Crossline grip.  The MAP pricing of the grip is $5.99 (at the time of writing this piece) plus add $4.50 for the labor for a total of $10.49 per club.  Multiply that by 9 clubs for a grand total of $94.41 plus any tax.

What is the cost to re-shaft a golf club?

Re-shafting is the #2 repair made at a golf shop.  In some cases, it is to repair a broken golf shaft and in other cases the customer wants a change to different golf shaft model that hopefully improve their performance. The latter might result in a small fitting fee for the time required. Basic pricing for re-shafting on average is $18.95 per club PLUS the retail or MAP cost of the shaft and grip.

graphite shaft in a shaft puller, driver head and propane tankLet’s give an example if you want to re-shaft your driver with a UST V2 graphite shaft in which no fitting is necessary. Cost would be $66 for the shaft (MAP), $18.95 for the re-shafting service plus the cost of adding a new grip (see regripping above).  Again, the shop has the cost of shipping the shaft to the shop, and the cost of supplies like a specialty OEM ferrule, epoxy and wear and tear on their shaft puller and other equipment, not to mention the technician’s time.  The shop may be able to save your old golf grip if in good condition, but they may charge a small fee for that. Lastly, if a new adjustable shaft adapter is required for the driver, then that would be added to the overall cost as well.

Depending upon what you bring in for re-shafting, you may encounter additional charges which require more time, Pricing for re-shafting an older Callaway or Titleist bore thru head will be at least an additional $5 per club for all the extra labor and supplies required.  The same with converting a 0.355” taper hosel to accept a 0.370” shaft, you are looking at $10 per club to have the hosel reamed out or re-bored.

What is the cost to bend the lie or loft of a golf club?

Facilities that offer basic regripping or re-shafting services may not always have the equipment to alter the loft/lie of a golf club.  If interested, it is best to call ahead.  Most, but not all irons and wedges can be bent.  The same goes for putters, but that requires a specialized adapter or dedicated machine to secure the putter to bend the hosel or the steel putter shaft with a special bending bar.

bending a golf club in a loft and lie machine

Basic pricing for bending the lie or loft of an iron or wedge is $4.50 - $5.00 per club.  For bending a putter (if the service is even available), expect to pay a higher price due to the extra equipment involved.

What is the cost to resize the length of a golf club?

A shop may charge you $4 to $5 dollars more per club than their standard regripping charge to shorten your clubs. This is assuming there is no fitting involved to know what length you need. There is time required to measure the length of the golf club, remove the grip, wear and tear on the equipment to cut down the shaft and finally regrip the club. 

However, if you need your clubs extended, there is more involved.  Not only do you have the extra cost of the golf shaft extention, but there is more clean-up of the old grip tape so when the new grip is installed, you don’t have any unsightly debris below the grip. Expect the price to extend a golf club to cost $10.00 per club plus the cost of the grip (if they could not save your old grip).

marking the length of an extender in the butt end of a graphite shaft

Can you do golf club repair at home?

If you are handy and have some basic tools in your workshop, you can perform some of these basic golf club repairs at home.  You would still be paying for the retail price of the golf components plus shipping.  Where you save is on the labor.  Who knows, if you get proficient in conducting these basic repairs for yourself, it might wind up becoming a side hustle for doing the same work for friends or family to support your golfing habit.