up close view of an Orlimar spikeless sandal sole

Orlimar is introducing a new lines of golf footwear that may not be familiar to a lot of readers. Combining the trends in the golf footwear market and the continual pursuit for ultimate comfort on the golf course, Orlimar is debuting a series of spikeless golf sandals for men and women. Before we get into the details, let’s look at what inspired the need.

A Brief History of Golf Shoes

Golf footwear has changed a lot in the course of its history, especially in the past 30 years.  About 165 years ago, the very first “golf” shoe was a created by pushing small nails through the sole to provide traction. It wasn’t until 1891 when spikes were first screwed into the sole, which was probably a blessing for those that had injured themselves beforehand when the nail pushed back into their foot – ouch! In the 1990’s, we saw plastic cleats replace the metal cleat to save wear and tear on the greens.

In 2010, Fred Couples was the first to wear spikeless or hybrid-style golf shoes on the Champions Tour and then a few months later at the Masters where he would be in the final pairing on Sunday. He proved that you could compete and play serious golf in a spikeless golf shoe. As you can expect, sales skyrocketed soon afterwards and created a whole new shoe category for golfers to choose from. Today tour players routinely wear spikeless footwear and general sales are close to matching the sales of cleated golf shoes.

What are the benefits of spikeless golf shoes?

person wearing spikeless gold shoesSpikeless golf footwear continues to grow in popularity as improvements in manufacturing and sophisticated outsole patterns have bridged the performance and durability gap compared to spiked golf shoes. You will never need to worry about tightening golf spikes nor losing and then replacing them. Plus, there is no need to change footwear after a round. Hop in the car and drive to the restaurant, run errands, or go back home or to the office.

Spikeless golf shoes are comfortable, lighter weight and are more versatile which are just some of the reasons golfers opt for them over traditional spiked golf shoes. If you travel, you don’t have to pack multiple pairs of shoes.

Golf Sandals

person wearing golf sandalsDid you know there are sandals for golf? Depending upon where you live, there is a good chance you don’t. While golf sandals were first introduced by Bite Footwear in 1996, they only represent a small percentage of the overall golf footwear sold today. But that might change. Orlimar has been selling spiked golf sandals for the past three years and sales has been steadily growing. Those models used replaceable plastic golf cleats as a means of traction.

There are several types of sandals. Many conjure up the image of flip flops when you mention sandals, which don’t offer the support needed to swing a golf club. However, the Orlimar Golf Sandals are not your father’s sandals that were reserved for the beach, they fall into the sports sandals category. You might not realize some sports sandals are rugged enough for hiking, so walking a golf course should be the proverbial walk in the park.

What are the benefits of golf sandals?

Sandals are perfect for warm weather golf and to keep your feet cool with the added benefit of drying off quickly when your feet get wet. They are lighter than a traditional golf shoe and they are easy to care for.

person wearing Orlimar women's spikelesss golf sandal with a golf club

Spikeless Golf Sandals

The next natural evolution was to combine the casual comfort of the sandal and mesh it with all the benefits of a spikeless outsole. Now you can enjoy walking on or off course in comfort with the Orlimar Spikeless Golf Sandals. These models for men and women feature a rubber studded outsole which delivers enhanced traction in even damp weather, along with stability and durability so you can swing away in confidence.  These are fastened with three adjustable Velcro fitting straps (heel, toe, and ankle) so you can dial in a customized fit.

sole of a spikless golf sandal

Men's Spikeless Golf Sandals
Men's Spikeless Golf Sandals
Women's Spikeless Golf Sandals
Orlimar Men's Spikeless Golf Sandals

Can you wear golf sandals at any course?

Some golf courses have strict dress code rules, including footwear choice. Open toed footwear is not permissible on certain golf courses.  If you are unsure, it is best to ask the course staff or one of the members and avoid being turned away if you don’t have the proper footwear.

Do you wear socks with golf sandals?

This is a personal choice. If you do opt to wear socks with your golf sandals, look for a short ankle sock.