angled sole and face view of the Acer SR1 driver

Taking over where the venerable Acer XV driver series left off, the SR1 driver is Acer’s newest flagship model and available in a variety of lofts to suit players of all skill levels.  While the size and shape of the SR1 driver series is the same as the Acer XV series customers have come to love since we introduced them in 2015, it is a totally new design. It is not a reskinned version with a different soleplate. So, what is so special about the Acer SR1 titanium driver series?

One Giant Sweetspot, faster ball speeds across the entire face, the Acer SR1 driver seriesIncreased Ball Speeds Across the Entire Face

Acer added a technologically enhanced active cup-face design to the forged, 4-piece construction to expand the sweet spot. What is this important? Titanium drivers are hollow shells and constructed from as little as two pieces to as many as six. Usually, a very thin flat sheet of titanium alloy is used for the face plate which is then welded to the crown, hosel and sole plate of the head around the perimeter of the face. This weld becomes thicker or more rigid than the areas around it, so the outermost regions of the face do not deflect nearly as much. Therefore, the highest performance area of the face is located at its' center of gravity.

Acer SR1 Driver Anatomy

In cup-face construction, part of the faceplate is incorporated into the sole, crown, and skirt area of the head. This pushes the weld back away from the actual face. Thus, the areas around the perimeter could be made thinner and have more deflection producing higher ball speeds to areas over a much wider area than the center of the face as compared to traditional edge-welded designs. Even when you miss-hit the ball, which we all do, clubs with active cup-face technology provides you that extra spring-like effect for longer drives.

The Best Acer Driver Ever Created

Acer SR1 driver sole

The Acer SR1 driver possesses a rearward center of gravity makes it easier to close the club face, launch the ball higher and provide greater forgiveness on off-center shots.

In addition, the Gravity Port allows for fine-tuning of swingweight for different shaft weights and balance points and custom assembly lengths. The stock screw is 7 grams and requires a 4mm Allen wrench if you want to substitute either the 2-gram aluminum screw or 12-gram tungsten screw (which are sold separately).

The SR1 driver has a somewhat muted sound at impact which is in the sweet spot of what customers accept – not too loud, yet not dead sounding either.

We are Family

This introduction is just the start of a new family of Acer clubheads.  Stay tuned as more products arrive.