Non-conforming Juggernaut Max driver sole and face view

Illegally Longer, Illegally Straighter

Does your current driver suffer from E.D.? It’s more common than you think. Your balls don’t have the same amount oomph as they once did and maybe they leak to the right one time and then left the next.  What you need is a testosterone-fueled driver that will get you longer and straighter.  What you need is an MD (Maximum Distance) and you do not even need to consult a swing doctor to get one. The prescription for renewed distance is in the new Juggernaut Max Illegal golf driver series.distance and accuract comparison of Juggernaut Max driver versus a conforming driver

The Juggernaut Legacy

Introduced in 2014, the original Power Play Juggernaut driver was designed to help the 4 out of 5 players who do not maintain a handicap excel at the game by hitting the ball further and straighter. Yes, we intentionally created a non-conforming driver. At 515 cc volume (or 12% larger than the USGA’s 460cc limit), it provided more forgiveness on off-center shots. More importantly, the explosive beta titanium face exceeded the USGA maximum limits for springlike effect to generate more distance off the tee. 

We created two different models (a standard or straight necked driver and an offset driver) to appeal to a wide range of golfers. For the tens of thousands of previous Juggernaut driver users, we are pleased to announce our best-selling Juggernaut driver series is getting a complete makeover. 

MAXimizing Distance off the Tee

Since we first released the non-conforming Juggernaut driver, we have continued to look at ways to improve upon it. The best place was to look is in the face construction.  To create a better mousetrap, we had to think outside the box.  Yes, you can continue to reduce the face thickness to achieve a high coefficient of restitution (COR), but what will happen over a short time, is the face will start to cave in or crack. Think of the Tootsie Pop commercial, how many licks does it take to get to the center? One, two, three…crack!  So, your investment goes down the tubes.

We rectified the issue on the Juggernaut Max drivers by incorporating a variable thickness cup face structure with a high resiliency beta titanium material.  All three factors go hand-in-hand maintaining as high COR face as possible, while still providing for adequate strength.

Juggernaut Max variable thickness cup face design

Illegally Longer, Illegally Straight, the Juggernaut Max titanium driver, learn more

Plasma Welding

We also resorted to the more expensive route of plasma welding the Juggernaut Max head rather than traditional TIG or GTAW welding techniques. While this may not be that sexy in terms of marketing, it is an important factor in our next topic.  Here are the reasons why plasma welding is beneficial.

  • Ensures a cleaner, more efficient welding process.
  • Greater uniformity of the head shape (no distortion of the head when the pieces are welded together, and less polishing is required)
  • Up to 7-9 grams saving in welding weight which can be used to place strategically inside the head or make the head larger and maintain a normal head weight.

cut-away of plamsa welded Juggernaut Max driver next to TIG welded driver

Maximum Accuracy

While the Juggernaut Max is the same 515cc volume as the older Juggernaut driver, we made it more forgiving by creating a new shape.  The driver’s footprint is even wider creating a higher moment of inertia (MOI). We reduced the deep face height of the original Juggernaut driver, but the Juggernaut Max is still slightly deeper faced than a normal conforming driver head.

size comparison of Juggernaut driver versus 460cc driver

Do You Slice the Ball?

Like the original Juggernaut series, we made multiple Juggernaut Max driver heads.  There is also a Juggernaut Max Draw model or one with an offset hosel to help those who push, fade, or slice the ball off the tee most of the time.

top views of the offset Juggernaut Max Draw (left) and the straightneck Juggernaut Max driver

The Golden Goose

We have a third driver in this series, but this one is a special version with a gold PVD finish. It is the same exact head as the standard model, just with a bold new look that is sure to gather attention on the course.

angle face and sole view of the Juggernaut Max Gold driver

Which is it? Illegal golf drivers or non-conforming drivers?

Don’t get your tighty-whities in a bunch, you are not going to get locked up and put into jail. The correct term is non-conforming drivers or golf clubs. If you know the golf rules, you cannot post a score for handicap purposes if you use a non-conforming driver.  According to the Rules of Golf:

“It is the player’s own responsibility to ensure that his or her clubs conform to the Equipment Rules. If the player has any doubt as to the conformity of a club, he or she should consult The R&A or USGA. Queries may also be directed to the local committee in charge of a competition or the local Rules Committee.

There is a penalty of disqualification should a player make a stroke with a non-conforming club, but there is no penalty if a player merely carries a non-conforming club during the round. However, such a club still counts towards the 14-club limit (see Rule 4.1b(1)).”

There is no need to look on the USGA Non-Conforming Driver List (or USGA Conforming List).  We know the Juggernaut Max drivers are non-conforming and we did not submit them.

Relax and have fun

To be truthful, most golfers could care a less about the rules. 2-way chippers do not to conform to golf rules either, but many golfers still use them.  Mulligans and “gimmie” putts aren’t in the rule book nor are rolling the ball in your own fairway but look at all those golfers that do. These new illegal golf clubs are designed for most recreational golfers who just want to go out and have fun and play golf at the same time. If you are seeking jaw-dropping distances from the tee box to brag to your fellow golfers about or hoping to regain distance as you have aged, shouldn’t you be playing a Juggernaut Max driver?

Standard Version Gold Version Offset Version
Juggernaut Max Gold Titanium Driver Juggernaut Max Draw Titanium Driver
Buy the Juggernaut Max Titanium Driver - Clubhead Only Buy the Juggernaut Max Gold Titanium Driver - Clubhead Only Buy the Juggernaut Max Draw Titanium Driver - Clubhead Only


Don't forget the new Juggernaut driver headcover to protect your investment.

Juggernaut Max Driver Headcover

Juggernaut Max non-conforming drivers now available in left hand verions