Acer SR1 family (driver, fairway, hybrid)

A little more than a month ago, we introduced you to the new Acer SR1 driver series. Based on initial sales, it appears to have been well-received. Now we are pleased to announce that the matching SR1 fairway woods and hybrids will be available at the beginning part of October.

Time to evaluate your current clubs

Who says fairway woods and hybrids cannot be high-performance, sexy, and affordable all at the same time? Yes, drivers might get all the headlines, but finding the right fairway wood(s) and/or hybrid(s) are equally important if you are looking to lower your score. It is finally time to get excited about these club categories because the longer-range clubs are a problem spot for most golfers.

One Giant Sweetspot, faster ball speeds across the entire face, the Acer SR1 driver series

You will not go into sticker shock

Did you know the average name brand fairway wood retails for $299 and a hybrid is $249? Not too terribly long ago, that was the cost of a new driver. Sure, a portion of that cost is the associated with an adjustable hosel sleeve. But be honest, how many golfers ever change the adapter position from the factory settings?

toe view of the Acer SR1 hybrid with a golf ball in front of the face

What is important are two factors. Primarily, any fairway wood or hybrid better be able to get the ball off the ground. Second, they should offer ample forgiveness on off-center shots. While increased distance is always on the mind when purchasing a new golf club (especially if you are upgrading from an older model), knowing how far you hit them on a regular basis so you can reach and hold a green is too. All these are attributes you will find with the all-new Acer SR1 series at a fraction of the cost.

Acer SR1 cup face design

Both the Acer SR1 fairway woods and hybrids utilize a hybrid construction. The thin, forged crown is a source to save weight so this discretionary weight can go into the cast soleplate to create a lower center of gravity design. But what makes the SR1 series special is the variable face thickness, cup-face design; the key to a high coefficient of restitution (COR) or greater distance over a wider area of the hitting surface.

Acer SR1 fairway and hybrid cup face constructionTo sum up cup-face construction, part of the faceplate is integrated into the sole, crown, and skirt area of the head. This pushes the weld back away from the actual face. By moving the weld further back away from the face, the areas around the perimeter could be thinner and more deflection occurs producing higher ball speeds to areas other than the center of the face as compared to traditional welding techniques. Even when you miss-hit the ball, clubs with cup-face technology, you still experience the extra spring-like effect for longer, straighter shots. Now, that is pretty cool.

A few millimeters make a significant difference

The Acer SR1 fairway and hybrid clubs are comparable to our Acer XV series, but with improvements. The first thing you might notice between Acer SR1 fairway wood and its predecessor is the weight port position. rear weight of the Acer SR1 fairway wood highlighted

The Gravity Port has been relocated to the rear portion of the sole for a higher launch angle, greater forgiveness on off-center shots and to make it easier to close the club face at impact. This allows for the weight customization with the optional 2 and 12-gram screws (sold separately). If you are wondering, the stock screw is 7-grams.

The SR1 fairway woods have a compact size, semi-shallow face height and the thin, vacuum heat treated 17-4 face produces a crisp sound at impact.

The biggest change we made to the SR1 hybrid from its predecessor was the elimination of the gravity port because frankly, most of our customers were not changing from the stock weight. The extra weight saved was repositioned in the sole design where we could minimally lower the center of gravity and pinpoint where we wanted the weight.

The SR1 hybrids features a semi-offset hosel favoring most golfers ball flight patterns and sized right to instill confidence going for the green.

toe view of the Acer SR1 hybrid with a golf ball in front of the face

Pricing and availability

Attention lefties, we did not forget about you. Below is a list of options in the Acer SR1 series, including the driver series.


Acer SR1 Series



Component Head Price

Custom Assembled*

Driver Lofts

9.5°, 10.5°, 12°





#3, #5, #7

#3, #5




#3, #4, #5

#3, #4, #5



* Suggested cost with stock shaft and grip. Pricing will vary from each retailer and shaft and grip selected.

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