Hireko GetFit Hand Sizing Diagram

Take the guessing game out of creating the best golf clubs for your game.

Need help choosing the correct shaft flex, grip size and club length?  Can't find a qualified clubmaker in your area? Or just need the basics to get you started? Look no further than Hireko's interactive GetFit on-line golf fitting tool as it was designed specifically to help you choose these parameters for your game. This interactive golf calculator utilizes in depth questions to dial in these important clubfitting parameters.

Hireko GetFit Height and Fingertip to Floor measurements

Through our years of fitting expertise, we can narrow your starting point by taking a few simple measurements (maybe with a friend's help) like height, fingertip-to-floor and hand dimensions and then answering a few additional questions.  Sounds easy - and that is because it is. We did all the legwork for you by applying all the trigonometry and creating custom algorithms in a truly meaningful way.  For instance, no questions are based on glove size because honestly many golfers haven't been properly fit for those either.

What kind of output will you receive?

The GetFit module will suggest the most important general information: club length (including possibly lie adjustments), grip size and shaft flex.

While there is no substitute for a hands-on fitting with a qualified fitter in your area, Hireko's GetFit on-line fitting tool can help.  This is just one of many on-line calculators Hireko offers to help educate and get customers involved in the game.  Some of the others are the Hireko's Assembled Club Swingweight Calculator and Golf Loft Calculator.  For clubmakers, we offer the Hireko's Club Building Swingweight Calculator and the Hireko Grip Sizing Calculator to make building clubs easier and more efficient.